Peninsula Problems

Both Michigan and Florida had their caucus’ and primary’s results negated by their violations of DNC rules in scheduling their primaries too early. Now that the Democratic contest is in such a dead heat the Democrats in those States want their votes to count towards the delgate battle. I don’t blame them. So far it seems like Michigan will hold another caucus and pay for it themselves while Florida asked the DNC to foot the $18 million dollar tab. Howard Dean, the chair, said “no dice.”

Now, the Clinton camp doesn’t want a revote in Florida because they won. This will likely not hold up because a lot people didn’t vote on the grounds of it not emaning anything and no one campaigned there. The DNC will tell them they can pay for it themselves or sacrifice their votes. In Michigan, Obama nor Edwards were even on the ballot so if anything’s fair there, it’s a re-do. These States would be significant in deciding the nominee should their delegates count.

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