McCain and Lobbyist Too Close


BREAKING NEWS – Apparently the last time John McCain ran for president his relationship with a certain lobbyist raised some suspicions. Now 40 year old Vicki Iseman was seen around McCain so much that his advisors had to step in and end the relationship. Iseman was representing companies for whom McCain had provided favors for, in the form of letters to federal regulators.

The New York Times has the article.

Again, this isn’t something that is going to sink McCain, it’s just something he’s going to have to deal with in the long run. The long time party boy seems capable of the accused actions. Some people think that the details of his personal life (the relationships he’s had with strippers and hot lobbyists) are inconsequential but this was a lobbyist with clients for whom he did favors. That does not look good on your public service record. Ninjas should could just consider it about the character of a big-whig favor giving Washington pure-bred.

The response from McCain.

The Post also has a piece with more names and games.

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