“Who matches up best against John McCain?”

[The following is a response to David Broder’s Sunday Washington Post Op-Ed piece] 


Well, my ninjas, the answer is not very clear. Now that Arizona Senator John McCain has secured the Republican nomination the Democrats have some questions to ask themselves. The first, “Who best represents my interests?” is a hard one to answer as the discrepancies between Sens. Clinton and Obama’s platforms are few. The second is based on preference, not policy: “Who do I like better?” It is the third question that Democrats should be considering most important in 2008: “Who is more capable of beating John McCain in November?” This, my ninjas, is what we all Democrats need ask themselves. In this ninja’s opinion that person is Barak Obama.

            Should Hillary Clinton get the nod for the Democratic nomination the GOP will find reason to band together against her, regardless of what Rush Limbaugh says or what Ann Coulter says. The fact of the matter is that Republicans, Conservatives, Right-Wing nut-jobs, all of them, have a deep passionate distain for all things Clinton. The force against her would be relentless. This may be way off, but the sentiments I’ve been feeling recently tell me that there are just as many people who are willing to vote Democrat for Obama as there are people who are not willing to vote for McCain based on his ani-Conservative tendencies.

            Ninjas, Barak Obama would definitely have a better chance against John McCain than Hillary Would. Should we be fortunate enough to see this race it would be a battle for the Independent vote. Independents would are a huge support for McCain as a moderate Republican and they would also side with Obama based on his platform of change. Everything that this ninja has seen thus far has shown that Obama has the edge on McCain just as McCain has the edge on Hillary.

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