Uncertainty about Weapons Inspector?s Suicide


A member of pariament (Norman Baker) yesterday challeneged a judiciary committee’s conclusion that a whistle blower weapon’s inspector took is own life.  The evidence surrounding the death definitely seems a little strange given that Dr. Kelly does not fit the MO of suicide victim.  The news story provides several challenges to the official explanation of the suicide.

If you were following the British news two years ago you will remember Dr. Kelly as the ninja who accused Tony Blair of “sexing up” intelligence in Iraw.  Check out some of the excerpts or read the full article.

“Baker also said that paramedics who attended the scene where Kelly’s body was found in Oxfordshire noticed that he had lost little blood and was “incredibly unlikely” to have died from the wound they saw.

Police said that 29 tablets of pain-killer coproxamol were missing from a packet in his home, but all that was found in Dr Kelly’s stomach was the equivalent of one-fifth of a tablet, Baker said.

Volunteer searchers who found his body said he was slumped against a tree, rather than lying prone, as police stated.”

Article Via: Yahoo News

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