Framing the Issue

Once again Charles Krauthammer makes me want to vomit.

Today’s interpretation of Barack Obama’s superb address on race and his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, this past week is vial and no more than a clever attempt at framing the issue. Krauthammer seems to imply that all of Wright’s speeches are volatile and venomous. He seems to want to believe that week after week Barack and Michelle Obama would bring their children to hear someone speak ill of America and sow the seeds of racial hatred. He wants to believe that Wright wasn’t a man who could get caught up in the intensity of sermon and perhaps loose sight of what he was saying. He wants to believe, like so many others, that this pastor is not a man of the Christian faith at all, but a man full of hatred and contempt for whites and America. Well, ninjas ain’t that stupid.

Krauthammer asks:

Why did you give $22,500 just two years ago to a church run by a man of the past who infects the younger generation with precisely the racial attitudes and animus you say you have come unto us to transcend?

Do you, Krauthammer, truly believe that Jeremiah Wright is a one faceted, America hating machine? Or will you acknowledge that as a pastor he, week after week, speaks of the gospels, of peace, of love, of truth and of unity? That he, too, would like nothing more than a nation indivisible, but that his observations and understanding of the past and present has made him realize that there is much moral and social progress to be made.

His language, at times, may not have been chosen with the utmost attention to political correctness, as yours and mine surely is. But he is neither politician nor pundit, he is a pastor. And Barack Obama has made it clear throughout this entire campaign that he is a rational, intelligent, independent and thorough thinker. The bottom line is: this relationship is of no concern in political discourse. If it is, then let’s talk about McCain asking Hague to support him.
And that whole thing about crack, well, let’s be real. As my ninja, Orange Menace, said “You think some hood from the PJs invented crack?” Who’s to say. But take a look at the sentences given for those involved with crack versus the much more expensive cocaine and you got yourself a f*cked up situation.

2 thoughts on “Framing the Issue”

  1. Can I also point out that Wright isn’t alone in what he said? I mean, there’s white people that’ve said 9/11 was our own government’s fault, etc etc. Yeah, it’s an extreme view – but criticizing america – even harshly – isn’t necessarily being anti american. especially today – this bitch is a mess.

    but really tho – anyone here read any noam chomsky? dude would agree with half of wright’s rants, at least. might not be yellin that stuff during a sermon, tho…

  2. It’s a matter of the Clinton campaign associating the behavior of Obama with the actions of another person. I’ll see your “Rev. Wright” criticism and raise you Ferraro’s remarks, Ron Brown’s fatal mission (and associated “conspiracy” theories), Vince Foster’s untimely demise (and associated “conspiracy” theories), Linda Tripp, Monica Lewinski, Travelgate, taking sniper fire, believing Bill “did not have sex with that woman”, and even reach back to Hillary’s remark years before about not the kind to stand around singing “stand by your man.” Afterall, according to her words, she was intimately involved with ALL the important stuff going on in the White House at that time.

    No, you can’t choose your relatives, but you CAN choose your lies more carefully, Hillary.

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