Bob Johnson, Please Shut Your Fat Mouth

Now, I know you all don’t watch the news, ‘cuz you ignant, so I’ll just give you the rundown. We try to stay away from politricks here on the main page, but there are certain stories that jump out and grab our attention, forcing us to comment on the issues at hand. Bob Johnson (former BET owner and first black billionaire) recently came out in support of Hilary, for the first time in his sorry life playing the quote-unquote “race card.” He made a statement attacking Obama’s campaign saying in support of Hilary Clinton that the Clinton’s have been emotionally involved in “black” issues from day one and that Obama was insulting the black community somehow. Instead of me just telling you, here it is from the hoss’ mouth:


I just wanted to clarify one thing, Bob Johnson, you Willie-Lynch-ass backwards evil ninja, you are NOT a voice for the black community. Just because you have a billion dollars doesn’t mean you can get up there and say whatever the hell you want. We all know the truth about you, so do us a favor and SHUT YOUR FAT MOUTH. This is not about Barack or Hilary, my friend. This is about YOU and your lying ass. You know nothing about anything, and you need to can it. Stop lying to these white people. This has been a public service announcement.

And just to further illustrate my point:


This is Black Octagons and I approve this message.

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