RWU: Rich White Underachievers to Racist White Underachievers?

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From the school that brought you the Whites Only Scholarship! and the repeat offensive statement ‘nappy-headed hoes!! (copywrite Don Imus) comes the epic third part of the Roger Williams University racism trilogy…The Dropping of the N-Bomb, or how i learned everything is not as it seems!!!

Okay, almost all humor aside, ninjas. I clearly haven’t posted in a minute and i definitely didn’t want this to be the first. I really struggled to even write up a draft (this is number 2.5) for this topic. Having gone to RWU for five years and being around for the whites only thing, knowing and living with Dana Peloso (the Imus comments) and on top of all else, being black puts me at a sort of crossroads for what i can and/or should say.

I was gonna write this in my typical fashion (for those who know me) but I’m gonna take a step back and cool it a little, again for personal reasons, and due to the fact that the school really ISN’T that bad. They just have s*** for luck when it comes to press coverage. Let’s look at the world in the past 6 years now…dudes flying planes into buildings for the name of religion, people attacking each other in Iraq in the name of hatred, and students killing other students in the name of crazy. We are definitely living in a time where the wrong words said to or about another can have a startling aftermath. So let’s start off with what is known:


Papitto has been a board member for 40 years (18 of them being the chairman), recently retired (sort of) from the Fortune 500 company he founded Nortek, has subsequently donated millions to the university and though not a lawyer, has his name affixed to the ONLY law school building in Rhode Island. To this resume, you could add racist? (i’m Ron Burgundy?) Roger Williams University Chairman of the board Papitto (Papi) said in the board room:

They want us to add more poor kids and they want us to add more, well, I can’t call them n——, I learned that from Imus…


A few days later Papi went on WPRO-630 AM to publicly apologize and while he was getting around to it, told host John DePetro that

It just slipped out…I never even knew I said it.I apologized for that…What else can I do? Kill myself?

Listen to the clip from the show above and form your own opinions on his regretfulness or lack there of (I’m trying my hardest to stay unbaised here, people). How can a man actually be considered NOT a racist when he also comes out and says some s*** like

The first time I heard it was on television or rap music or something

Mother F***er…mother f***er, mother f***er, mother f***er.

Did he not learn anything from the whole Columbine incident (that music (of any form) is not the problem in the world). Music is self expression. It is a person commitment to communicating himself or herself through an art. And this mother f***er just put rap music on blast? He put ART on blast!!! REALLY??!??!!!? That is some s*** a kid tries to pull before their mother whoops their ass; not expected from someone who is 80.

Papi tries to state in the interview that he is a well-known man in Rhode Island and those who truly know him will vouch for his not being a racist in any manner. Except:

None of it came [as a] surprise. He has lambasted blacks, Muslims and Jews before in front of staff.

That is a direct quote from President Roy J. Nirschel, printed this past week from an email he sent in response to what Papi said in the board room. So what can you make of that? I NEVER heard a rumor of Nirsch being racist at all. Matter of fact, he could be considered one of the more humane persons I ever had a chance to talk to in my life. President Nirschel goes a little further on record stating that

No one should be associated with [Roger Williams University] who espouses racist thoughts, words or deeds.

So I leave it up to you – when a person wrongs, the person’s peers basically throw them under the bus he or she themself is driving, (partially) owns up to their actions (though he or she is obviously an ass-clown), and multiple actions of change are taken against them, how or when does it truly get resolved? And, does anyone really give two damns???

Okay, okay. Now I said i wasn’t gonna do it, but it happened. And that is more the reason why i should not have done this post in the first place. My race will ultimately be brought into question in the validity of my arguement. But i’m supposed to be mad. I’m completely allowed to tee off on this topic. It only confirms that in a world where people are killing each other everyday, i should stop looking across the ocean to see who may hate me for being American and merely turn my head left and right when i step off my property to see who hates me for being black. Can you imagine? I live in a region of a country where i’ll get judged before they know a f***ing ounce of my life story. And to be completely honest y’all, that frightens me.

Again, DO NOT take action against the school. DO NOT associate the actions of one person for the whole, because I’m a part of the university and no matter how i like it i’m also condemned for life with a diploma with that mother f***ers signature on it. All the hate towards the university is only negatively effecting the goal of Nirschel, which was to bring diversity to a campus not that diverse.

If you are a minority and have had interest in going to RWU, don’t let this incident decide for you. I know a lot of great people who went there and still go there (look up a Mr. John Barker for proof). Okay that’s all i can muster. I’m going to have a drink now.

Quotes and information from the source links provided [Providence Journal, ABC and CNN]. Thanks to Tim Bestor for the post title.

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  1. Hey! Interesting insight into Rich White Underachievers to Racist White Underachievers? at politricks.mnp. I have often thought about this myself. I think listen to rap music is somewhat related. On Sunday I have the day off, so will look more into it.

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