NASA working on plans for asteroid that will pass “close” to Earth in 2029

The 40 million ton asteroid named Apophis, the Greek name for the Egyptian god Apep, known as “the Destroyer” will come so close (22,000 miles)  in April 2029 that it will pass under many satellites and may destroy some.

Some scary excerpts from the article:

Astronomers fear that, although 2029 should pass without incident, coming so close to Earth might change Apophis’s 323-day orbit around the sun — during which it crosses the planet’s path twice — creating an even bigger risk in the future. A second close encounter is predicted for 2036.

Since Apophis was discovered Nasa scientists have been drawing up proposals for diverting it or any other asteroid that might present a threat. Nasa estimates that if it hit Earth it would release energy equivalent to the detonation of 880 megatons of TNT.

Story via The Times (UK)

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