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The Anti-Jewish Left?

The rediculous nature of this report is, unfortunately, not going to be unique as Obama emerges as the Democratic nominee. From the site:

“Nothing in Barack Obama’s history or his choice of advisers suggests he will be a friend to Israel,” said Hobbs. “On the contrary, supporters of Israel should view a possible Obama administration with extreme caution, as America’s ally is being put in the cross-hairs by the anti-Jewish left.”

Now this statement is not only is this horribly factually inacurate, it’s just pathetic politics.

Is It Me?


Is it me, or does Hillary Clinton seem to think that every aspect of this Democratic primary is unfair?

It’s not fair that the media loves that she’s losing and loves to knock her down. It’s unfair that Obama released a mailer stating facts about her health plan. It’s unfair that she’s a women alone surrounded by men. And, now, it would most certainly be unfair if the superdelgates were to choose a side now. Her camp goes so far as to assume that should the super-delgates make up there mind now it would “end the nominating process.” This means they agree that Obama has all the momentum, and that if the supers had to decide now, he would win. What else is there to happen in this campaign that she’s waiting for? Does she have a hit out on Obama or something? What does she realistically think is going to happen in the next week? Yuh done, girl. There’s always 2016.

Debate Discussion 2/26

Not as much blood splattering as one would have expected last night. Both candidates remained cool, calm and collected. And they were both very much on top of their game.

Is it just me or were these “mediators” very antagonizing? Russert was asking stupid questions and the candidates handled him well. He tried to draw parralels to the life and times of Farrakhan to Obama, trying to bring about some guilt by association. He also tried to put over crazy hypotheticals and expected the candidates to have policy issues for rediculous situations (such as re-invading Iraq, or Iraq telling us to immediatly withdraw from their country). He’s a moron.


Thanks, TPM

Hillary was stupid for complaining about receiving the first quesetion all the time and referencing an SNL skit. I don’t know what she was trying to do, but she got booed. It was also poor decision making to try and say “Well I think we need to be stronger and say reject and not denounce,” in referencing Barack’s position on Farrakhan. And Barack said, “Sorry, waht’s the difference? Okay, I denounce and reject Farrakhan.” 

My favorite moment of the debate was after the clip of Clinton making fun of Obama for being a dreamer and creating a painting of a world uniting and problems being solved (“and the clouds will open up and the sun will shine” … etc etc.), the clip ended Obama said “Sounds good” then credited her with a great performance and solid delivery.

To end the night it was Obama to start in with the feel-good moment which I thought was a great way of saying, it’s been good Hillary, it’s been real … but it hasn’t been real good, but now I have to go win the general election.

I Know You’re Out There

I know you’re reading the site, ninjas. I know, you come back, too. I even know some of you are hooked. What I don’t know is why I don’t hear more from you. Your input is always greatly appreciated and respected and I’d love to see some brave ninjas start expressing your opinions about what is posted here. You can comment on every post or you can send me an email here at philsalterego So, hop to it.


Earlier today I posted about a great Op-Ed piece in the Post this morning about the fact that the PAA has expired. Well, this group, “Defense of Democracies” has taken it upon themselves to spread the message that we’d just better reconsider!


Great article here about just who these people are.

Reagan says

I’d like start offering you ninjas some clips from the father of American neo-conservatism: Ronald Wilson Reagan. His legacy is remarkable. I think it is important to your ninja status that you understand what his administration stood for and what his aims were. He is the most important figure in Conservative thought as we understand it today. Think what you will of him, but understand his politics.


Like Hope, But Different


All I have to say about this video is that it’s hilarious – Iraq withdrawal date: 12,008? My Ninjas, PLEASE!

From the makers of the video: totally stole this idea from us, we’ve been thinking for a long time that earnest people reacting to a candidate is the future of music video.


Here’s a second video, this time by Barely Political.