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John McCain Knows Iran…



McCain criticizes Obama on being willing to talk to Iran’s leaders and in doing so may got some basic facts wrong.

Ayatollah Khomeni is considered the Supreme Leader of the secular state, and McCain knows that most Americans don’t know that or basic history of Iran.

McCain just keeps offering samples of his ineptitude. Isn’t it really sad that this guy is supported by millions of Americans? Millions , ninjas, millions.

This ninja is considering repatriating.

MNP Reports 4/21/08

Here’s a transcript from our ninja down in Philly. She’s currently working to obtain the coveted status of MNP’s first dedicated on-the-scene correspondent.

Laura G. is a body double by day and ninja by night. When not teaching the youth about today’s mathematics she volunteers part-time at Obama’s Philadelphia campaign.

Here’s her short-but-necessary take on what is happening, posted without graphic interruption.

This is an exciting time to be in Philadelphia. Political signs, pins, and t-shirts are infiltrating the streets and people are talking. They are talking a lot. This morning, on my five-minute walk from the train to work, I heard at least three conversations about what was going to happen tomorrow. A woman shouted to a man wearing an Obama hat, “I mean, I respect guy, but he ain’t got a chance of winning.” The man with the hat gave a smirk and continued on, explaining to his friend that Obama understands the larger picture because his heritage embodies the larger picture, that he gets how to deal with a variety of people because he grew up around a diverse group of people. For this reason, he believes in the man. He believes the man will really change the country.

I am not a political person. It is hard for me choose sides, to stand for something, to pick someone based on what say to get votes. I am never quite certain I “know” enough to really choose. And choosing between Hillary and Obama was especially hard because ultimately I wanted to be able to support either of them in November. But for some reason I wanted to be a part of this election. So I did my research. I picked my person and I became an intern in the Obama office two weeks ago. Not because I am necessarily “against” Hilary but because I am “for” Obama.

Three days ago, I walked through the city, all the way down to Independence Hall where the Obama rally was being held. I began my journey at the city center, where Hillary supporters were holding up “Honk for Hillary” signs and screaming at passing cars. There were about ten people total and they had all lost their voices. Cars were honking, people were cheering and there was a general sense of urgency amongst the crowd. As I continued down to Independence Hall, the clash began to happen–a clash that exist in every pocket of the city right now, a clash that both terrifies me and brings me energy. People with Hillary pins bumping against people with Obama t-shirts, and people with Hillary hats passing people Mamas For Obama stickers; the division is so stark and so charged. Soon, it became Obama territory and the crowd was full of an energy that I have never experienced. It is this abstract “hope” that people keep on talking about but there really is no other word for what I think (and I only know from the one side) that people are experiencing. It’s why there were 35,000 people out of their homes, waiting for over five hours to see Obama at a last minute rally and why a lady in her seventies, covered in Obama paraphernalia, used all the voice she had left to tell people where to get their red and/or blue tickets. And this hope—this overwhelming support for a candidate no one thought would get very far–is, in my opinion, slightly scary. It is scary because it is so easily felt, so accessible, so tangible and if it goes away tomorrow, next week, next month, or even in November, the loss will feel as tangible and it will feel huge. I worry about that.

Today, one day before the election, I sit with seven other people on the “New Media” team and blast myspace messages about getting out the vote. In the next room over, volunteers are screaming, every hour on the hour, “Fired up and Ready to go!” The office is disgusting at this point, empty Starbucks cups and Qdoba wrappers are falling out of the trashcans and fluorescent lights make it look that much worse. But people are ready for something to happen, ready to work all night and keep the vote close because they have to. Because if they don’t, they and everyone else they’ve convinced, might just deflate, might just fall apart. It’s an exciting time to be in Philadelphia.

But More Seriously

MAC Media:

As the first group in the Hip-Hop community to publicly endorse presidential hopeful Barack Obama back in late 2007, Kidz In The Hall continue[d] their unwavering support for the Chicago native [last] evening (Monday, March 31st) with the help of some friends. Kidz In The Hall’s whose soulful ode to Barack Obama is entitled, “Work To Do,” will be world premiering their “Change Remix” tonight on two mediums; one on Hip-Hop mega-site, , as well as on super DJ/Producer Green Lantern’s Sirius Satellite “Hip-Hop Nation” radio show—and both premiers will happen simultaneously.he “Change” remix is produced by Kidz In The Hall member Double-0 and features heavyweights Bun B and Talib Kweli, who like many in the hip hop community, are proud to show their support for Obama. The song’s content focuses its attention on many of the issues facing both the artists as individuals, as well as the country as a whole. Having three emcees, all from different cities in the US – Chicago, Brooklyn and Houston respectively – shows the unification within the Hip-Hop community that will hopefully encourage young people to take a long look at the issues affecting them in this country.




Rapper 50 Cent, who told Time magazine last September he was supporting the New York senator’s White House bid, now says he has decided to shift his allegiance to Obama [...] “I’m Obama to the end now, baby!” But the musician also admitted he’s lost interest in the protracted Democratic race, and may not support either candidate.

Obamanomics say

“Under Republican and Democratic administrations, we failed to guard against practices that all too often rewarded financial manipulation instead of productivity and sound business practices,” Mr. Obama said. “The result has been a distorted market that creates bubbles instead of steady sustainable growth — a market that favors Wall Street over Main Street, but ends up hurting both.”

Davey B. With the Solution

Over at the Post David Broder presents his solution for the punished Democrats of Michigan and Florida. He doesn’t see much luck coming Hillary’s way, but for the delegates he imagines that the “perks of convention week would be available –the parties, the schmoozing, the press interviews.”
It seems to be understood among party elders and openly inferred from some influential Dems that Hillary is done (obviously her campaign doesn’t have money left for calculators as they disagree). I also believe that super delegates who represent states that have already voted should act. Why hasn’t Pelosi endorsed Obama yet (especially after this)?

Framing the Issue

Once again Charles Krauthammer makes me want to vomit.

Today’s interpretation of Barack Obama’s superb address on race and his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, this past week is vial and no more than a clever attempt at framing the issue. Krauthammer seems to imply that all of Wright’s speeches are volatile and venomous. He seems to want to believe that week after week Barack and Michelle Obama would bring their children to hear someone speak ill of America and sow the seeds of racial hatred. He wants to believe that Wright wasn’t a man who could get caught up in the intensity of sermon and perhaps loose sight of what he was saying. He wants to believe, like so many others, that this pastor is not a man of the Christian faith at all, but a man full of hatred and contempt for whites and America. Well, ninjas ain’t that stupid.

Krauthammer asks:

Why did you give $22,500 just two years ago to a church run by a man of the past who infects the younger generation with precisely the racial attitudes and animus you say you have come unto us to transcend?

Do you, Krauthammer, truly believe that Jeremiah Wright is a one faceted, America hating machine? Or will you acknowledge that as a pastor he, week after week, speaks of the gospels, of peace, of love, of truth and of unity? That he, too, would like nothing more than a nation indivisible, but that his observations and understanding of the past and present has made him realize that there is much moral and social progress to be made.

His language, at times, may not have been chosen with the utmost attention to political correctness, as yours and mine surely is. But he is neither politician nor pundit, he is a pastor. And Barack Obama has made it clear throughout this entire campaign that he is a rational, intelligent, independent and thorough thinker. The bottom line is: this relationship is of no concern in political discourse. If it is, then let’s talk about McCain asking Hague to support him.
And that whole thing about crack, well, let’s be real. As my ninja, Orange Menace, said “You think some hood from the PJs invented crack?” Who’s to say. But take a look at the sentences given for those involved with crack versus the much more expensive cocaine and you got yourself a f*cked up situation.

Blazing Saddles Redux


Geraldine Ferraro, half of the 1984 Democratic ticket that lost in a landslide to Ronald Reagan, is offering her political wisdom to the Democratic party. Her revelation: Obama is only winning because he’s black. Whoa! I never saw that one coming. Let’s stand back and take a snapshot of this event, because it’s got to be the first time in history that being black with a Muslim name was ever an advantage in politics outside of a majority black district. I imagine Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are kicking themselves for not playing up race more in their token runs at the White House.

Furthermore, she claims Obama is dividing the party.  How dare Barack inject negativity, savage attacks and race into a presidential race by actually winning. But, in all fairness, the right thing to do is let Ferraro clarify her position, in case she was misquoted. In an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, Ferraro said, “My comments have been taken so out of context and have been spun by the Obama campaign as racist that it’s doing precisely what they don’t want done — it’s going to the Democratic Party and dividing us even more.” Geraldine, you’re just the gift that keeps on giving!

How can assigning someone’s success to their race possibly be taken out of context? Maybe telling a California newspaper that, “if Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position.” OK, maybe this merited a response to Geraldine, but in a kinder, gentler form she’d better understand and not get offended, i.e. a musical, like “Fiddler on the Roof”. Obama could come out in a beard and hat and sing:

“If I were a white man,
Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.
All day long I’d biddy biddy bum.
If I were a free, white man.
I wouldn’t have to work hard.
Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.
In your campaign you biddy, diddy lost,
And Reagan diddle-didle-didle won”

His response would make about as much logical sense as Geraldine’s initial remarks, and she’d probably think it was hip-hop anyway, but it’s truly difficult to work up a righteous anger over a remark as inane as that. We don’t want her feelings to get hurt. Oh, this just in…she told ABC, “My concern has been over how I’ve been treated as well and hurt, absolutely hurt by how they have taken this thing and spun it to imply that in any way, any way I am racist,” she said. Whoop, there it is! She also said she has fought against discrimination for 40 years. Hmmmm…..sounds like Hillary’s resume writer. Maybe my history is faulty, but after losing to Reagan, I seem to recall two unsuccessful attempts at the Senate. Perhaps someone should remind Geraldine that she is actually not qualified to be giving advice in the first place. Advice should come from winners, not losers, innovators, not archaic technicians of failure. America needs new leadership…oops…sorry.

That’s HER line.

[Op-ed by MNP correspondant Jill The Shill]

It’s Because I’m White


A member of the House of Representatives, Geraldine Ferraro is best known for being the first and only woman to represent a major party in a presidential election. Today she’s known for her support of the Clinton campaign – attacking the media, the Obama camp, and basically everyone else for being biased against a female candidate. Not only that, but she has made it a point that Obama plays the ‘race card’ too frequently [he has?], arguing both points February 26th on Tom Ashbrook’s NPR show ‘On Point‘ [Gender and the Clinton Campaign – definitely worth listening to, if you’re following the campaign].

“Any time anybody does anything that in any way pulls this campaign down and says, ‘Let’s address reality and the problems we’re facing in this world,’ you’re accused of being racist, so you have to shut up,” she told the Daily Breeze of Torrance, California. “Racism works in two different directions. I really think they’re attacking me because I’m white. How’s that?”In another interview Tuesday, she compared Obama’s situation to her own 24 years ago, when she was the first female candidate for vice president.

“I got up and the question was asked, ‘Why do you think Barack Obama is in the place he is today” as the party’s delegate front-runner?

“I said in large measure, because he is black. I said, Let me also say in 1984 — and if I have said it once, I have said it 20, 60, 100 times — in 1984, if my name was Gerard Ferraro instead of Geraldine Ferraro, I would never have been the nominee for vice president,” she said [CNN].

So…basically, to sum things up: it’s okay that she was almost VP because she’s a woman, but she’s using Barack’s being black to diminish his viability as a candidate. AND while she’s suggesting [inaccurately, I might add] that the Obama camp cries racist every time something doesn’t go their way [which they do NOT - they claim offense when OTHERS bring up ethnicity/skin color, which is Obama's right as the only non-white candidate in this race], she [and the Hillary campaign] are doing everything they can to force this whole ‘people don’t want Clinton to win because she’s a woman’ thing down our throats. Hypocritical? This ninja thinks so. I’m actually insulted by the suggestion that these WASPy rich ladies have it harder than a black man. And frankly, let’s face the facts: most people don’t care that Hillary’s a woman – people don’t like her because she’s herself, not because she has female parts.

Just to throw this out there: is anybody else simply exhausted by “rich white people” [since I already used the term WASP] and their ability to turn themselves into the victim in any and all situations? And the Clinton’s do it best – with their ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’ defense [and Bill’s being black, of course]. But seriously – when was the last time these people really got the short-end of the stick? The collapse of imperialism?

Full story – Ferraro: ‘They’re attacking me because I’m white‘ – at CNN.