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DNC Hits McCain


It really is a great strategy to hit John McCain on the one issue that he is supposed to have the most credability on: foreign policy. They really need to keep throwing shurikens right at that artery to make people realize that though McCain served in the Navy for many years, and though he was a POW, he has never commanded any military operation or personel nor has he proven to be wise in this area.

What A Guy …

This is the new John McCain commercial set to air on national television:


There is one line in there that’s more nauseating than most. Something like, “In a dangerous world with a broken economy,” … what? John McCain will make it more dangerous and put us further in debt? Two days ago, John McCain said that he would balance the national budget in his first term, should he be elected. This ninja here wants to know how he plans to do that. But that’s one of McCain’s secrets. In the past, candidates have offered some numbers to support their claims. But McCain’s got that one covered: if you don’t give any numbers, there’s no way people can do the calculations to shoot you down. Genius. Considering his plans to potentially lower taxes and maintain our current foreign policy that would leave him with only two more miracles before he would be canonized, right?

As far as the world being more dangerous … my ninja, please. I’m not sure I can get a ninja to tell me that this place is any more insecure (security-wise) than it was 12 years ago. Don’t buy it, folks.

John McCain Knows Iran…



McCain criticizes Obama on being willing to talk to Iran’s leaders and in doing so may got some basic facts wrong.

Ayatollah Khomeni is considered the Supreme Leader of the secular state, and McCain knows that most Americans don’t know that or basic history of Iran.

McCain just keeps offering samples of his ineptitude. Isn’t it really sad that this guy is supported by millions of Americans? Millions , ninjas, millions.

This ninja is considering repatriating.

McCain: 100% Full of $hit


Wow senator…I’m so glad that you’ve brought us the ‘straight talk express’.

I realize that we see the media in these clips calling BS on specific issues at any given moment – but why aren’t montages like this just being blatantly played on the fake news [fake news = FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc]? The man is wholly unfit to be our president.

Krauthammer Makes Me Puke


Today’s Op-Ed piece from Charles Krauthammer in the Washington Post very well may be satire. I can’t tell. But based on his track record, I think he wants us to take him seriously. Considering everything that has come to light regarding McCain’s recent relationship with the FEC over his public financing any reference to McCain-Feingold should be laughed at. Yet, Krauthammer writes with conviction:

On the difficult compromises that required the political courage to challenge one’s own political constituency, Obama flinched: the “Gang of 14″ compromise on judicial appointments, the immigration compromise to which Obama tried to append union-backed killer amendments and, just last month, the compromise on warrantless eavesdropping that garnered 68 votes in the Senate. But not Obama’s.

Who, in fact, supported all of these bipartisan deals, was a central player in two of them and brokered the even more notorious McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform? John McCain, of course.

Yes, John McCain — intemperate and rough-edged, of sharp elbows and even sharper tongue. Turns out that uniting is not a matter of rhetoric or manner, but of character and courage.

Yes, what we really need is a President with enough courage to bring hypocrasy to new levels, and who has a track record of putting himself at arms length of the rules. A President who used to be able to cross party lines but now all of a sudden has pledged himself to the Bush agenda. A President whose campaign rhetoric has turned out to be a message for a dedicated Iraq war “victory.” WE ARE NOT AT WAR WITH IRAQ!!! We are occupying Iraq, and in the process making an attempt to supress al-Qaeda (which is only one piece of the transnational jihadist movement in the Middle East). Isn’t it working splendidly? It’s driven our economy to the gutter, it’s taken as many as 160,000 people away from their families in our own country, forced millions of Iraqis from their homes, and it’s creating incentive for generations of good Muslims to resent America. Bravo, let’s keep it up? 

Krauthammer has also come to the conclusion that Barack Obama’s uniter image is really only believeable because of his heritage crosses racial lines. His logic goes like this:

Because Obama transcends race, it is therefore assumed that he will transcend everything else — divisions of region, class, party, generation and ideology.

If you ninjas know a single person who thinks of Obama’s candidacy in this light, I’d love to meet them. Obama is a black man and race has been an infinately less significant talking point this primary season than what Clinton has tried to do with the gender-card. Rediculous.

I Am Scared of This Man

Thanks, as always, to TPM for making this frightening clip of McCain and his evangelical endorser. McCain is getting a press pass in accepting John Hagee’s support. Hagee is known to have linked Catholicism with Nazi fascism, and referred to it as “the Great Whore.”

Hagee has also claimed the creation of independent Palestinian and Israeli states would bring terrorists to America because of our immigration policy. I know, it makes loads of sense. Just watch:


I don’t know if this would have been an issue at all if Barack hadn’t gotten hit hard by the Mrs. William Clinton and the press for not rejecting and denouncing Louis Farrakhan‘s support. But for what it’s worth, this man has no business being recognized for supporting a presidential candidate other than to create a buzz.

Bush Endorses McCain


On the GOP side of things: Mike Huckabee has finally dropped out of the race. In a lengthy, unnecessary speech Huck bowed out after Sen. John McCain clinched the nomination by passing the threshold for delegates needed to clinch the ticket.

President Bush has invited McCain to the White House for a private lunch today and will publicly endorse him as the Republican presidential nominee. Ninjas will remember that these two men have a long history of beefing. It seems that McCain has been willing to adopt a Bush platform since becoming the frontrunner for the GOP, too.

Huck’s speech:



Debate Tonight


Just so you ninjas know. There will be another debate tonight between Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It will go from 9 – 10:30 and will air on NBC. Be sure to check back here for a run-down of the important aspects of what should be a bare-knuckle assault on Obama from Clinton.

The impending doomsday for team Hillary is one week from today when Texas and Ohio will have their primary elections.

I love that picture.

McCain and Lobbyist Too Close


BREAKING NEWS – Apparently the last time John McCain ran for president his relationship with a certain lobbyist raised some suspicions. Now 40 year old Vicki Iseman was seen around McCain so much that his advisors had to step in and end the relationship. Iseman was representing companies for whom McCain had provided favors for, in the form of letters to federal regulators.

The New York Times has the article.

Again, this isn’t something that is going to sink McCain, it’s just something he’s going to have to deal with in the long run. The long time party boy seems capable of the accused actions. Some people think that the details of his personal life (the relationships he’s had with strippers and hot lobbyists) are inconsequential but this was a lobbyist with clients for whom he did favors. That does not look good on your public service record. Ninjas should could just consider it about the character of a big-whig favor giving Washington pure-bred.

The response from McCain.

The Post also has a piece with more names and games.

Obama x10


Just in case you ig’nant and haven’t heard the latest news on the election front I thought I’d help a ninja out with a recap of recent events. Last night Obama won his 9th and 10th consecutive contests, winning a primary in Wisconsin and a caucus in Hawaii. In Wisconsin Barack won big, with 58% of the vote compared to Hillary’s 41%. A margin of 17%! Just for a bit of perspective of what a trouncing that is: the only thing Republican front runner John McCain can do to foul his nomination is quit and he only beat Mike Huckabee by 18%. In Hawaii the results were far more ludicrous with Obama taking 76% of the vote to Hillary’s 24%. These victories ensure that Hillary will go the entire month of February without a victory. That is a long ass time in this kind of atmosphere, ninjas.

Obama now leads in total delegates with 1,319 to Hillary’s 1,245. His camp claims that she will have to win every race from here on out by more than 20 points to recover. Do Hillary’s supporters really think that after he beats her, any heat coming from the Republicans will be worse? I mean she’s hitting him with everything she’s got and she can’t even make a dent in his momentum. I think if he beats her it proves the ‘Republican attack machine’ can’t stop him either.

The hits just keep on coming for Hillary, who plans to attack Obama on not being ready for the Oval Office. Sister, who is? 

Like Hope, But Different


All I have to say about this video is that it’s hilarious – Iraq withdrawal date: 12,008? My Ninjas, PLEASE!

From the makers of the video: totally stole this idea from us, we’ve been thinking for a long time that earnest people reacting to a candidate is the future of music video.


Here’s a second video, this time by Barely Political.