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You european ninjas, man, I love you. The McD’ses in Europe just rolled out their new designer food service wardrobe in an attempt to ninjafy the appeal of a McJob.

Bruce Oldfield told the BBC that one of his earlier designs for the McDonald’s uniform had to be withdrawn after trials. “We found that there was one design of shirt that chafed. We had to get rid of it because we didn’t want our boys’ or girls’ nipples chafed,” he said.


Clinton Takes PA


No surprise here, ninjas. Hillary Clinton can chalk one up in the W column tonight, winning the Pennsylvania primary by  a projected 8 points with 30% more precincts to report in. Let’s just hope she doesn’t let it go to her head … haaaaaaaa. I’m so sad.

This is Pennsylvania, folks. Barack Obama was never supposed to be close in this one, and Clinton is already trying to spin the victory as people being unsure about the viable nature of his candidacy. Apparently she forgot that she was supposed to have this in the bag back on or before Super Tuesday. And she would have gotten away with it, too. If it weren’t for those damned free thinkers and their ideals …

It is nice to see that the major media outlets are largely saying that this victory is merely allowing her campaign to continue to exist, rather than giving her any sort of boost she shouldn’t receive.

Just Too Good

In the unexcused absence of the lack of material over here at the politricks site I hope some of you ninjas keeping up to date with some national ‘tics over at Talking Points Memo. Today’s episode of TPMtv beautiful summarizes the recent escapades of Bruce Barclay, Cumberland County of Pennsylvania’s Republican Commissioner:



Hillary Clinton forgot one important factor to consider when she said that she would retaliate on Israel’s behalf should Iran attack them with nuclear weapons: ISRAEL IS A NUCLEAR POWER! They have nukes to take care of themselves. And you better believe they have some sort of First-Strike retaliatory plan.

I wonder what our Pennsylavia ninjas are thinking today when they sneak into the booths… Check back for the results tonight.


At Long Last


[Apparently these guys do a piss poor job, eh? What's this "global warming" all about, then? I sort of want them all to be like the dude from Ghostbusters]

April 22, finally. A shuriken for the ninja who can tell me when the last primary or caucus was . . . What? Mississippi on March 11? Damn. That’s right, ninjies, tomorrow is the big Pennsylvania primary. Barack Obama has steadily narrowed the divide in the polls there over the last few weeks to just a single digit margin. Ninjas suspect that Hillary will win by 6-9 points. This whole process is really brutal.
Also, my ninjas, Earth Day is upon us. Us ninjas in the dojo really dig mother nature. She’s fly. Nice and round … You should bounce around the site here and check out the celebration at every page: the green site, the music site, the architecture site, our resident robot ninja, and of course, In honor of Mother Earth’s Day [and our forefathers] here are some figures that give you a sense of our great United States’ contributions to 21st century global condition:



Just some things for you ninjas to consider while you go along living your lives here in the States, and everywhere else around this small, small world.

Check back at the end of the day for the results from today’s Pennsylvania race.

But More Seriously

MAC Media:

As the first group in the Hip-Hop community to publicly endorse presidential hopeful Barack Obama back in late 2007, Kidz In The Hall continue[d] their unwavering support for the Chicago native [last] evening (Monday, March 31st) with the help of some friends. Kidz In The Hall’s whose soulful ode to Barack Obama is entitled, “Work To Do,” will be world premiering their “Change Remix” tonight on two mediums; one on Hip-Hop mega-site, , as well as on super DJ/Producer Green Lantern’s Sirius Satellite “Hip-Hop Nation” radio show—and both premiers will happen simultaneously.he “Change” remix is produced by Kidz In The Hall member Double-0 and features heavyweights Bun B and Talib Kweli, who like many in the hip hop community, are proud to show their support for Obama. The song’s content focuses its attention on many of the issues facing both the artists as individuals, as well as the country as a whole. Having three emcees, all from different cities in the US – Chicago, Brooklyn and Houston respectively – shows the unification within the Hip-Hop community that will hopefully encourage young people to take a long look at the issues affecting them in this country.




Rapper 50 Cent, who told Time magazine last September he was supporting the New York senator’s White House bid, now says he has decided to shift his allegiance to Obama [...] “I’m Obama to the end now, baby!” But the musician also admitted he’s lost interest in the protracted Democratic race, and may not support either candidate.

Obamanomics say

“Under Republican and Democratic administrations, we failed to guard against practices that all too often rewarded financial manipulation instead of productivity and sound business practices,” Mr. Obama said. “The result has been a distorted market that creates bubbles instead of steady sustainable growth — a market that favors Wall Street over Main Street, but ends up hurting both.”