Vatican Hates Avatar

“3 words… 3rd word starts with O… Giant Owls… C’mon sons…!”

I never thought I’d say it, but thank you to Dan Brown for blowing these gates wide open.

VATICAN CITY The Vatican newspaper and radio station have called the film “Avatar” simplistic, and criticized it for flirting with modern doctrines that promote the worship of nature as a substitute for religion.

L’Osservatore Romano and Vatican Radio dedicated ample coverage to James Cameron’s big-grossing, 3-D spectacle. But the reviews were lukewarm, calling the movie superficial in its eco-message, despite groundbreaking visual effects.

L’Osservatore said the film “gets bogged down by a spiritualism linked to the worship of nature.” Similarly, Vatican Radio said it “cleverly winks at all those pseudo-doctrines that turn ecology into the religion of the millennium.”

“Nature is no longer a creation to defend, but a divinity to worship,” the radio said.

Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi said that while the movie reviews are just that film criticism, with no theological weight they do reflect Pope Benedict XVI’s views on the dangers of turning nature into a “new divinity.”

Benedict has often spoken about the need to protect the environment, earning the nickname of “green pope.” But he has sometimes balanced that call with a warning against neo-paganism.

In a recent World Day of Peace message, the pontiff warned against any notions that equate human person and other living things. He said such notions “open the way to a new pantheism tinged with neo-paganism, which would see the source of man’s salvation in nature alone.”

The Vatican newspaper occasionally likes to comment in its cultural pages on movies or pop culture icons, as it did recently about “The Simpsons” or U2. In one famous instance, several Vatican officials spoke out against “The Da Vinci Code.”

In this case, the reviews came out after a red carpet preview held in Rome just a stone’s throw from St. Peter’s Square. The movie will be released Friday in Italy.

The story of the tall blue creatures who inhabit Pandora and contend with humans intent on grabbing the resources of their planet has made over $1.1 billion at box offices worldwide. Partly boosted by higher 3-D ticket prices, “Avatar” looks well on its way to becoming the biggest grossing movie of all time.

“So much stupefying, enchanting technology, but few genuine emotions,” said L’Osservatore Romano, which devoted three articles to “Avatar” in its Sunday editions.

L’Osservatore Romano said the movie’s plot is unoriginal and its message not new. It faulted Cameron for taking a “bland approach.”

“He tells the story without going deep into it, and ends up falling into sappiness,” it said.

Vatican Radio did say, however, that “really never before have such surprising images been seen,” while L’Osservatore said the movie’s worth lies in its “extraordinary visual impact.”

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3 thoughts on “Vatican Hates Avatar”

  1.      I read with interest, the internet piece saying that the catholic church disapproves of 
    the movie Avatar.  I’m surprised that they didn’t remain silent about this, because the movie was an allegorical equivalent of white man’s holocausting of the native american first people, during the settlement of the Americas.
    I mean, the church was the main motivator, and church doctrine was used to rationalize the killing off of the native americans in the US. The same reason was used to kill the aborigines of Africa and Australia. The church called them godless heathens, and enslaved them, because it says in the bible that it’s OK to keep slaves as long as they’re godless heathens. That was Leviticus 25: 44-46… Timothy 6: 1-4 says: Slaves obey your masters, especially xtian masters. Do you really think that the settlers read these pieces in church, and looked at each other and said: We can’t do that to the blacks, or the indians, because someday they may produce a president of the US!
    In Joshua and Jeremiah, god told his followers to kill all of the enemy, men women and children, and this includes babies, because they are godless heathens. This was genocide. The xtians think that they are the center of the moral universe and that their beliefs are more important than the lives of others. That means they are ego centric. It’s destructive and insane to believe that way.
    Remember the part in Avatar, when the Shaman mother told the hero that she has to first drive the insanity out of him? That was the insanity that the xtians show us, with their egocentric, ethnocentric beliefs. The belief that they own the world and can rape it any way that they please.
    These kinds of stories are the reason that the white people took their cue from the bible, when they tried to kill off the native Americans and took away their children, to raise them in white families so that they would forget their language and culture. That particular effort didn’t stop until some time in the nineteen seventies. The xtians did this because they thought they were the moral center of the universe, and because they thought that their religion is “the one true religion”. I would say that it is ego centric to say the least.  
         If you read the history of the xtian religion, you’ll find that the brutality didn’t stop with the native americans and it didn’t begin there either. Before the time of Charlemagne, xtian priests were killing anybody that tried to pursue any kind of scientific reasoning. This created the dark ages, and if we hadn’t done the dark ages, if we hadn’t stopped scientific endeavors back then, we may have been a lot further ahead in life now, in other words, we might have been exploring the stars by now. The xtians set us back five hundred years with their ignorant and superstitious beliefs!
    Then came Charlemagne, who lived in the eighth century swept through Europe with his righteous armies and cut the heads off of anybody who refused to accept jesus christ as their saviors. So the xtians aren’t just ego centric, the brutality defines them as something beyond that. 
        After Charlemagne, there were a series of brutal inquisitions and Pogroms. In 1492 the xtians, including King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, decided that the jews in Europe were not xtians, and harboring them there was causing god to do bad things to the Europeans, so the spanish inquisition, headed by Father Tomas de Torquemada, expelled the entire Jewish population from Spain. They allowed them to take only what they could carry, and confiscated everything else. Unfortunately, many were killed for what they had on them, and ship captains were known to charge them huge sums of money to be taken form Spain, only to throw them overboard when they had gotten out to sea. That was the very same month that Columbus was given the order to take his ships to the new world, where he began the subjugation of the natives of those continents.
    In 1609, King Philip III of Spain, on advice from his mullahs, Forced the Moriscos, the moslems in other words, out of Spain. They only allowed them to take what they could carry on their backs, and they confiscated everything else. They did this because they thought that by harboring them, god was punishing Spain. Superstition rears it’s ugly head again. Turned out that they shot themselves in the foot though, the Moriscos were hard working and helping the economy.
    The Church however, and the king of spain made tons of money by doing this, because they confiscated the land and money from the Morisco people that they forced out of Spain.
    In around 1572 The king of france decided to kill all the Huguenots, the protestants in other words, and had the St Bartholomew Massacre, in which thousands of Protestants were killed. The Anglican Church of England wasn’t any better, they did the same thing to Catholics. Do you see where I’m going with this? Not only were they setting the scene to kill off native americans, but they were also making it so miserable for the pilgrim settlers in Europe and England, that they had to get into little boats and cross the ocean that was trying to drown them, and live with indians who were trying to kill them, because it was a better deal than living with the xtians in Europe and england.
    Oh, this was about the time that the Catholic church burned Giordano Bruno at the stake for telling them that the earth revolves around the sun. So much for Catholic infallibility… They jailed Galileo Gallilee for telling them the same thing. These people just looked into telescopes and saw reality, and told people what he saw, and the church practiced Odeum theologicum on them. Theological hatred. It’s the reason so may books were burned throughout history. Books and people.
        Voltaire wrote a lot about that. one of my favorite quotes from him was: I may not like what you are saying, but I’ll fight for your right to say it. The founding fathers of the USA liked him too, and with all that killing going on, they knew it was best to write a strong separation of church and state into the constitution of the USA.  
    You know what? I’m getting tired of writing, here are my refs, read them and weep:

    Will and Aerial Durant: Age of reason begins.
    Will and Aerial Durant: History of Europe in the time of Voltaire
    Hyemeost Storm: Seven Arrows.
    The bible
    Wikipedia, the History channel, life in general.

  2. Oh,
    . I forgot to mention that in around 1600, Giordano Bruno told the Vatican that there may be space aliens out there who worship god just like any other mullah on earth, and the Vatican burned him for that.


  3. It burns me that the mullah tried to compare the condemnation of the pope for allowing the child molestations, to the jewish holocaust. They’re trying to make it heretical to question the church. That makes it easier for them to burn people at the stake, if no one can question it.

    Giordano Bruno

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