Rulings on Prop 8 Coming Tomorrow

The Associated Press
Posted: 05/25/2009 11:54:01 AM PDT
Updated: 05/25/2009 11:54:01 AM PDTSAN FRANCISCO—Gay marriage supporters are holding a prayer service on the eve of the California Supreme Court’s expected ruling on the legality of a voter-approved ban on same-sex nuptials.

The group Marriage Equality USA plans to hold the interfaith event Monday night at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.

On Tuesday morning, the state’s high court plans to rule on a series of lawsuits seeking to overturn Proposition 8.

Opponents of the gay marriage ban argue that the issue was improperly put before voters; they say it revised the state constitution’s equal protection clause to such a dramatic degree that it first needed the Legislature’s approval.

But during a March hearing, several justices appeared skeptical at the idea of overturning a law passed by the voters.

Here at PoltricksMNP, we’ve never had a whole hell of a lot of faith in the good common sense of people in general, I mean, not to insult your intelligence.  If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’ve read our blog before.  So, having done that, you’ll know that we’re not known for having any amount of blind faith in the legal system or process.  When I heard about the upcoming prop 8 rulings tomorrow, I figured that this was just the forum to air those views that may be contrary to the mainstream.

A lot of people have asked me recently about my support for gay marriage, but mostly in terms of pure ignorance like: “are you gay, my ninja?” No, I’m not gay, but that’s beside point anyway.  The point is, how can a real life human being not support basic human rights for another real life human being?  Aren’t we civilized enough to care about one another, at least in statute?

Here’s my example, ready?  If you’re a hick (which I am slightly against, but I digress) and you drink moonshine out of a boot and beat up on your wife, well,  you can probably assume that as a ninja, first and foremost, I don’t approve of your disgusting way of life.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t think that you have the same right to life as anybody else out there.  I would never suggest that somebody who leads a life that doesn’t live up to my standards is somehow sub-standard on the human scale – even in the face of what I would consider to be reprehensible behavior.

Therefore, how you gonna try and deny somebody rights on the basis that you don’t like them or their kind?  I am sick and tired of these needlessly sophisticated arguments about the institution of marriage and the family unit and everything else non-sequitur under the sun.  These people need to at least grow enough sack to admit that they just don’t like gay people.  I’m saying… I do happen to know that I never even heard the words “institution of marriage” in a sentence until gay marriage became an issue.  Nobody has seemed particularly concerned with the family unit until now (at least not enough to turn off the TV once a week between 1966 and today).  That’s okay with me.  I mean, I myself have no problem with gay people, but it’s personally within your rights to dislike whoever you want.

What is not within the right of a citizen of a true republic is the power to trample on the rights of another citizen- especially without some logical basis for it.  Especially when in this case their is no chance of harm to society for letting people be people.  This same paradigm holds true, if not formally true, in regards to how I feel about torture.  the information obtained from treating people inhumanely is not worth it.  Otherwis, what is the point.  If we can’t be “better” than the “terrorists” then why are we fighting them and claiming to stand against the ideologically?  Certainly they, too believe in the “by any means necessary” approach, eh?

I’ve come to realize that I view discrimination against gays and blacks as the same thing.  Of course some people, especially some black people, will be up in arms about that statement.  No, you numbnuts, it’s not the EXACT same thing (furthermore, nothing is the EXACT same as anything else…. in the universe) but it’s damn close.  It’s so close that they use the same arguments that they tried to use to justify Jim Crow.  “Oh, blacks and whites can’t co-exist, and certainly not inter-marry.”  “What will happen when blacks are raising white children?” “What will happen to the family unit when the races are mixed?”  “What do we tell the school children about the niggers?”

All of a sudden, these things which were not a concern during 200 years of slavery are now THE most pressing issues justifying Jim Crow?  The anti-gays (gaysists) even go as far as to offer a revoltingly insulting “separate-but-equal” argument in these so-called civil unions.

“What’s the difference?  It’s the same water… just different fountains, a black one and a white one.”  Maybe it’s time we stop living like that.

More to come… feedback appreciated and encouraged.

.::Prop 8 Article via Mercury News

2 thoughts on “Rulings on Prop 8 Coming Tomorrow”

  1. Tru, tru.

    I think that there are a number of important issues here that we need to address – all of which are actually broader than Prop 8 and gay marriage.

    1. We don’t “take away” rights in this country. Ted Kennedy said this in a speech [I can't remember when or which, sorry] – explaining that we pass laws to PROTECT the rights of citizens. He was referring to a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage – and makes the point that the government is not meant to restrict the rights of the individual, but only to protect an individual from harming another. The only time that this type of legislation was used to restrict our rights was prohibition – which was later overturned [and was, once again, a bunch of religious nuts trying to push their values on the masses].

    2. We don’t vote on these kinds of issues. People assume that the citizens of California have the right to make this decision – but they do not. There was no vote to free the slave. No vote to grant blacks equal rights. No vote to grant women equal rights. This is because PEOPLE ARE FUCKING STUPID, and the government recognizes this fact. Human rights issues are not left to the masses – they are protected by the founding principles of this nation, and it is not for us to question them.

    3. Freedom of religion prohibits this discussion from even taking place. If you can find a church that will marry you and your same-sex partner, then that is your right [and I'm sure you can find one]. In the eyes of the government, a marriage is nothing more than a civil union – a contract between two people, where they agree to share health benefits, taxes, etc etc etc. That’s it. Marriage is about you and your god[s] – and it is not the place of the government to deny you that right. [Note: if you invoke some nonsense like polygamy, cousin marrying, or child-marrying in this argument then you're an asshole - the point is two grown ass people can be 'married' if it's what they think is right or whatever.]

    Lastly – I’m tired of fucking christians telling the rest of what we can and can’t do. This isn’t a christian nation, you self-righteous assholes – it’s a country that supposedly embraces the freedom to worship as you see fit. If two guys getting hitched makes you feel like your marriage isn’t important any more, or like your religion is being insulted, then you’re pathetic. Go chew on the end of one of the many guns I’m sure you own, and save us all from your bullshit.

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