‘B’ is for Bigot


This is just ridiculous. Remind any of you Beantown ninjas of anything?

I have to say, I chose this clip because this dude on CNN finds it so important to make it clear that CNN did not run with the story, as some other news organizations [FOX, of course] did. Also, he talks a little shit about how people were trying to make this about how terrible things are happening on both sides of the campaign – which they are not.

Does anyone really think that people are going to start attacking McCain supporters, so close to the end of this election? Even worse – that ‘black people’ are going to start freaking out and attacking ‘whites’ now, right before this thing goes down? That’d just be f$*king retarded people. The suggestion isn’t just ignorant because it suggests ‘blacks’ are violent, and will take it out on ‘whites’ – but that they’re also just outright stupid.

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