Makes ya Question Democratic Rule

According to a recent poll published in the Washington Post, 30% of Americans were unable to identify in what year the 9/11 attacks occurred! Don’t believe me? Read the article here

Actually, we here at myninjaplease do believe that all ninjas should have a say in their government (in actuality, not just in theory), but between this poll, and the one from less than a month ago that showed that 50% of Americans still believe Saddam Hussein had WMDs, it is evident that Americans definitely need a higher degree of civic awareness.

[Ed: In all fairness to the masses, only 36% of Americans believed Saddam had WMD last year (still not a stellar figure) - the bump in poll numbers was likely due to some recent masquerading by a few members of the GOP who attempted to claim that some old, nonfunctional, mustard gas shells that were found in Iraq justified the whole escapade over there (I know, you thought they said finding WMD didn’t matter because it was all about freedom and democracy, but hey, even congressmen can be indecisive when it’s convenient). Fox “News” diligently repeated the talking point over and over again, as one could have predicted - proof again, that if you repeat anything enough on TV, people will regard it as fact…]

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