NAFTA Superhighway?

So, apparently info has been leaked suggesting that the government is involved in top secret plans to build a superhighway from Mexico to Canada, bisecting the US, as a means to bolster a struggling NAFTA. This 4,000 mile 10 lane highway will cost upwards of 184 BILLION dollars [our dollars, by the way…ninjas in Mexica ain’t got no money son!], and include space for new rail lines. And heads thought illegal imigration from the south and traffickin from the north were bad now… peep more here from Raymond Learsy.

*caution: conspiracy theory to follow* How the hell can our government be building bigger, longer roads, encouraging more driving? Thats 184 billion dollars that could go towards some real ninja ish, like transporters or cold fusion or something. Oh, and multiply the 184 billion by at least 3, cuz all us Boston heads know how government funded projects get budgeted. Ginormous Dig anyone?
Aricle from Archinect

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