Terrorist Waves?


When I first saw this I thought maybe someone had finally built a stargate, but I guess that’s asking too much. What it is is AMOEBA, a ring of wave machines that can be programmed to display images in the water, such as the ’s’ seen and other simple shapes like smiley faces and hearts [any real ninja would’ve made a shuriken, but whatever]. The creators hope to make a large scale version, hopefully to manipulate whole regions of the ocean. I’m thinkin that in 10 years time pepsi will have an add across the south pacific.

So, I was originally going to post this as an interesting lil machine that did cool ish with water, but then I re-read the post at Tropolism and realized that the creators of AMOEBA actually think that it could fall into the hands of al-Qaeda and be used to destroy Cali. All because these clowns made an ‘S’ with some wave machines. How is EVERYTHING terror related now? Besides, those cats from al-Qaeda can’t swim! Ninjaplease!
“Unfortunately, there is also the possibility of weaponizing AMOEBA waves in the same way one could easily turn any natural earth systems, e.g. earthquakes, into a national security threat. Because once the machine falls into the hands of al-Qaeda, they can then easily wipe Los Angeles off the map with a tsunami. In the shape of Versailles.”

Article here at Tropolism [image too]

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