Keith Olbermann: Correct the Wrong Done


Keith Olbermann takes on Clinton and the Geraldine Ferraro scandal – calling on Clinton to do more to distance herself from the comments [and suggesting that they are part of a trend in Hillary's campaign to dismiss Obama as only in the race because of his race]. Plus, did you know this #*$%@ said this same thing about Jesse Jackson in 1988? Sounds like she’s been doing this crazy old rich white lady thing for decades.

One thought on “Keith Olbermann: Correct the Wrong Done”

  1. It’s like saying “You don’t sweat much for a fat chick” to Rosie O’Donnell and claiming you were just making an observation, not just being an arrogant, snide old biddy baiting a reaction. That tactic is so old, it spews dust and fools no one. Except someone so out of touch, they think their real intent is obscured. So I’ll give her a break…she’s old….so old. I’m not being insulting, I’m just making…an observation.

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