Angelina Jolie in the Post


That’s right. Ms Hotty McHotHot has written an Op-Ed piece for the Washington Post. It turns out Angelina is quite the social activist. Today she writes about the millions of Iraqi civilians whose lives have been completely displaced as a result of the 2003 US invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq. After another trip to the ‘Raq she writes:

I’m not a security expert, but it doesn’t take one to see that Syria and Jordan are carrying an unsustainable burden. They have been excellent hosts, but we can’t expect them to care for millions of poor Iraqis indefinitely and without assistance from the U.S. or others. One-sixth of Jordan’s population today is Iraqi refugees. The large burden is already causing tension internally. [...] 

My visit left me even more deeply convinced that we not only have a moral obligation to help displaced Iraqi families, but also a serious, long-term, national security interest in ending this crisis.

Definitly worth a read.

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