William Buckley Dies


Who is William Buckley? Ninjas, this man is responsible for giving conservatives an intellectual outlet going back 50 years. As the founder of the National Review (an esteemed conservative hot-bed) Buckley found his voice.

Sure he has a very wealthy family, was a member of Skulls & Bones at Yale, etc. etc. but he was a very intelligent man. After graduating with honors form the Ivy League playground he condemned the institution for being an atheist spawning place. Buckley published over 40 books and his career of opinions and analysis began in 1951, the year after graduating. He continued to make waves until recently, as a critic of the Iraq war. As an aspiring political whatever-the-heck-I-am Bill, regardless of his politics, was a great source of inspiration.

The influence of this man should be recognized. He was 82 years old, and died sitting at his desk.


He was also a supporter of marijuana decriminalization.

NPR’s “A Life on the Right”

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