Is It Me?


Is it me, or does Hillary Clinton seem to think that every aspect of this Democratic primary is unfair?

It’s not fair that the media loves that she’s losing and loves to knock her down. It’s unfair that Obama released a mailer stating facts about her health plan. It’s unfair that she’s a women alone surrounded by men. And, now, it would most certainly be unfair if the superdelgates were to choose a side now. Her camp goes so far as to assume that should the super-delgates make up there mind now it would “end the nominating process.” This means they agree that Obama has all the momentum, and that if the supers had to decide now, he would win. What else is there to happen in this campaign that she’s waiting for? Does she have a hit out on Obama or something? What does she realistically think is going to happen in the next week? Yuh done, girl. There’s always 2016.

3 thoughts on “Is It Me?”

  1. It’s unfair that she’s losing. It’s unfair that her 35 years experience seems like resume padding to some people. It’s unfair that she’s arrogant when she’s on top and whinny when she’s behind. It’s unfair that her financial disclosure is a little behind. It’s unfair that her place in history may not be in the White House.

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