Thoughts on Nader

I understand why he’s doing it. I think. I just wish he wouldn’t. Who is going to vote for Ralph Nader? I assure you that the majority of these voters would vote democrat if he weren’t in the race. Nader is pretty much responsible for Al Gore losing the 2000 election. He had over 10% of the popular vote, ninjas. And what if he wasn’t there? Those were all would be Gore voters. I feel like he is doing the republicans a huge favor by gaining the support of a decent size niche of the populous who would otherwise vote for (fingers crossed) Obama or Clinton. Thanks for nothing Ralph Nader. You have no realistic shot, you’re trying to make a point and your costing us major support for the best prescription to American politics in recent memory.

He’s got a good heart, just bad politics.

For a more stinging version of this line of thought click here.

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