Farewell, Fidel


Big news, my ninjas. This morning Fidel Castro announced that he will step down as the leader of the Cuban government.

Fidel, his brother, Raul, and everyone’s favorite socialist, Che Guevara, led a socialist revolution in Cuba in 1959 through a guerilla warfare campaign. The fact that he has sustained a socialist government just off the coast of the USA for the past 49 years is quite a feat. The US has boycotted trade with Cuba for decades. His critics far out-number his supporters, but those who understand his great social accomplishments can look past the negative aspects of his reign.

His brother Raul is expected to take over as President.

[I really want to write more about this guy, but my head feels like a balloon right now, damn the flu. You ninjas should read up on ol' Fidel as he is one of the most important figures in socialism and Latin American politics. VIVA LA REVOLUCION]


9 thoughts on “Farewell, Fidel”

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  2. Fidel Castro may not be a hero for western countries but he did a good job in providing subsidized medical care in Cuba`;-

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