And her career there shows what a trail blazer she could have been for feminism. A skilled, cautious, pragmatic and constituent-focused legislator, she began to build a Senate career admired by many. But it became clear pretty soon that the Senate was indeed merely a stepping stone back to the White House.

-Andrew Sullivan, the Daily Dish

What a great opinion piece on Hillary.


You ninjas are constantly fooled by trickery and hood-winkery from the liberal media that plagues our country. What you need is a reasonable conservative voice who can show you what America is really all about. I propose you read this man’s blog. He’s an HIV positive, gay Brit; he is Andrew Sullivan.
[Disclaimer: Do not prescribe to Andrew Sullivan's words because of the above. Sure, he's really intelligent, and I bet he's a great guy (in that British sort of way), but his opinions are just insightful, and we offer this because we're just trying to help you develop some of your own.]

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