Blackwater in Potrero


Peep this video on Blackwater and their movements out West – setting up shop in a rural town called Potrero. My favorite quote from the video comes from an apparently half-retarded woman about 8 1/2 minutes in:

I know what’s true – I heard them say it, and I believe them

She’s referring to Blackwater claiming that the facility would be safe, quiet, and have little to no impact on the community. Meanwhile, they have 3,000 linear feet of firing ranges, helicopter pads, tanks, test driving tracks, and oh yeah – tons of f#*$ing guns – all of which I’m pretty sure are loud as hell. My ninjas, please! She actually admits she won’t read anything about the negative effects the private military organization will most likely have on her incredibly rural community. What a prime example of being an asshole.

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