Getting harder and harder


Times are tough, my ninjas … at least for GDubz, who just can’t get anything to come together for him. Yesterday came a release, the National Intelligence Estimate, which is a report from all of intelligence from all 16 of the departments of intelligence we have: the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, etc. etc. etc.

Now, this report claims that Iran suspended its nuclear weapons development in 2003. President Bush has said that he did not know about this information prior to last week. Whaaaaaaaaat? My Ninja, Please. Bush is trying to claim that though there was new information which surfaced as early as July, he wasn’t told what this new information was until he was briefed on this report last week. I can probably say that he isn’t smart enough to know that he’s insulting our intelligence.


Now us hopeful bleeding hearts (or just practical folk) upon hearing this thought that this might just be reason enough for the Bush team to take the possibility of an air strike on Iran off the table. However, according to Bush’s response the the report, nothing has changed.

For those of you silly enough to think Giulliani is a solid choice in 2008, this is the statement from his Middle East policy man, Norman Podhoretz, essentially claiming the intelligence community is purposefully doing Iran a favor. [Ed: Podhoretz, a known idiot]

One thought on “Getting harder and harder”

  1. Um…is that article you linked to seriously trying to suggest that Bush is the victim here? My ninja, feckin’ PLEASE. How much longer do we need to listen to these neo-cons bullshit us about how they’re being bullied by big bad elitist liberals? This whole game being played where the oppressor plays the victim is fascinating, I have to admit, but its also really played out. This administration is not a victim – it is a tyrant.

    As for this whole 2003, 2005, 2007 thing…I don’t really think its the point. The changing views shows that while the administration gave us that song and dance about intelligence in this country, and an intelligence czar, that at the end of the day shit is a mess. Regardless of any of that, however, ask yourself this: if it found that Iran WAS developing nukes, how long would it have taken for Bush to bomb them, even if it contradicted other intelligence, etc. I’m just saying, information is only valid in this current political climate when its the answer you wanted to hear – otherwise it’s questionable, or conjecture, or opinion, or some other bullshit to take away its validity.

    Maybe if we all concentrate reaalllly hard, all together, we can put this process to good use and ‘believe’ this sociopath out of the white house.

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