Get it Together, France


Wow. 80 police officers injured. dozens of cars set ablaze, along with a police station, a library, schools, and shops. This, my ninjas, is a full fledged serious situation.

For those who don’t know, France has already been in trouble in the past two weeks, losing millions of dollars a day due to strikes coming from the state workers whose pensions will disappear. The Paris metro, the TGV, buses, all these things barely running as a result of Sarkozy’s “mandate” to do something about the supposed waste of money on transportation pensioners. This situation was enough of a problem in and of itself for Parisiennes and the gov’t, but now France has a far more serious something to deal with.

Two nights ago an unregistered motorcycle was apparently being driven recklessly by 15 and 16 year old Algerians in a Parisian suburb, Villiers-le-Bel. Now, it is said that the motorcycle crashed head on with a police car, which was on a routine patrol and was no way in engaged with the bike. The teens, who were not wearing helmets, died. Because the police car and the bike collided head on the youth of the area believes that the police intentionally rammed the teens in some sort of act of aggression. As a result there have been two full nights of intense rioting. Why, you ask? Well, ninjas, allow me:

There are two major factors as to why this incident may have erupted into the large scale riot that has ensued:

1. The departed are teens. Do we all remember 2005, when two teens were being chased by police in another Parisian suburb, Clichy-sous-Bois, they were killed when the fell onto the electric rail of the subway. During the time France’s gov’t was being criticized for a program that would make it easier for employers to terminate “unsatisfactory employees”, namely young folk. The catalyst for action however came as a result of this event, and it resulted in the flipping of cars, and arson, and riots, and going after the police, but it wasn’t this big. So, perhaps, the youth of France sees this as yet another act of aggression from the authorities against the youth, and it’s something they won’t stand for.

2. The departed are Algerians. The Algerian War, which took place over 50 years ago, was the struggle for Algerian independence and the end of France colonization of the country. It is said that France massacred ten times as many Algerians as Algerians did French, far more so according to some sources, and that the torture techniques and bombing of Algeria by the French severely handicapped Algeria. The way France handled the Algerian War has forever been a scar left on the Republic. Some Algerians have yet to let this go (rightfully so). I would say the fact that the two teens killed two days ago were of Algerian decent plays a significant part in the reasoning of the French youth.

So did these cops want to kill these punk teen Algerians for who they were? To be honest ninjas, I think not. I’m gonna have to go ahead and say these kids are acting pretty foolish over there. But, 1. What do you expect? There is nothing to do in these suburbs. By and large they consist of large apartment buildings with no stimulation, a serious unemployment rate and a general lack of shit to do. They are pissed. 2. I think the message here could be a good one, had it not been carried out in such a fucked up way. The youth of France wants respect, they want jobs, they want to be included as members of a society that has left them in the dust, and the only way they feel they can express that notion is by fucking up some police. It sucks, but that’s the way of the world, ninjas. Keep your eyes on this story, we’ll see what comes of it.

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