Realest Ninja Alive Act IV: Limbaugh VS Alex Keaton

The battle between Freddy Foxxx and Rakim the Master still rages on. Cam’ron stands in the darkness holding his bling. Martha Stewart prowls through the night. And somewhere, in between earth and hell, another battle rages to determine who is [ahem] THE REALEST NINJA ALIVE!!! orangemenace reports live from the scene:


So…Rush seems to have hit a new low, attacking Michael J. Fox recently for ‘faking/over exaggerating’ his Parkinson’s symptoms. I don’t know if Rush is actually nuts [although I would say probably] or if maybe his illegal immigrant/underpaid maid screwed up the illegal prescription medications in his bathroom [oh, you don’t remember all that?]. Either way, Fox is one of the most recent people to get attacked on personal grounds for being involved in something Limbaugh is against [in this case, Fox has been doing ads for stem cell research…something we won’t get into here].

So check out is this [amusing] article from Slate on the recent verbal assault, and Limbaugh’s general insanity. Here’s a taste:

“I once had a friend who listened to Rush Limbaugh three hours a day. He was a Republican operative. He sat in my apartment, wearing headphones, while I worked. He swore that if I put on the headphones for 10 minutes, I’d be hooked. So I put them on.
Inside the headphones was another world. Everyone in this world thought the same way, except liberals, and they were only cartoon characters, to be defeated as though in a video game. In the real world, my friend was unemployed and had been staying with me, rent-free, for two months. But inside the headphones, he could laugh about welfare bums instead of pounding the pavement.”

I refuse to actually link to Rush, so you can search for the specific comments yourself, although I would advise against it. But like I said, check the Slate article.

[note: Mike’s previously mentioned breakout character, Alex Keaton, was a staunch republican. ah the irony…]

And we’re not quite sure who’s gonna win this one folks… but stay tuned! One things for sure, winner of these faces either Foxxx or Rakim. My money’s on fox. The crown would love to see Fox vs. Foxxx.

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