ninja votes

ninjas far and wide, hear me now:

In fourteen months (don’t count, it’s November 2008), it’s go time. In fourteen months GDubz and the rest of us will see who gets to take his oval office over.

Ninjas, this election concerns you very much, and that sucks. What are you gonna do about it?

First and foremost you will come back to myninjaplease, frequently, to see what the real ninjas say. Over the course of the next year + 2 months, you ninjas can get your pertinent info here. We’ll look at what’s crappenin’ in the ‘Raq, we’ll look at what’s happenin’ at home, and we’ll look at other ish too (ninjas know the facts, plain and simple).
Let’s be real: all your choices suck. But who sucks least? Do you really want to take that assassination assignment from some dude named Rudolph, ninja? Or do reconnaissance for Edwards? Maybe you do, ninjas, maybe…

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