Hacking Democracy

“Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin

Here is a great article from Salon.com about all the shadiness surrounding electronic voting machines and the new HBO documentary on the subject. Some quotes:

“Diebold has all you could ask for in a corporate enemy — ties to the Republican Party, a history of both lying to and currying favor with officials, a brusque and secretive posture in its dealings with critics and the press, and, worst of all, a pattern of technological ineptitude so startling you sometimes wonder if the people who work there are trying to sabotage the vote…Either they don’t know how vulnerable their equipment is (which they should, as various studies have discovered alarming security flaws), or they know and aren’t admitting it. Neither scenario inspires confidence.”

“But actually, the problem is even worse than the film suggests. “Hacking Democracy” does not mention the work of Ed Felten, the respected Princeton computer security researcher who proved, in a September report, that it’s possible to install a kind of voting machine “virus” on Diebold’s memory cards. Felten’s study is a blockbuster: Conducted on the very same machines that will be used throughout Georgia and Maryland this year, Felten showed how attackers can secretly attach a vote-stealing program that spreads from voting machine to voting machine in a completely undetectable fashion.

[Ed. Note - Salon.com requires you to view a brief ad before reading their content - def. worth it though]

Story via Salon.com
For more info, also check out Black Box Voting

[Thanks to Pheezatron for the awesome content]

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