Do your homework before you vote has always advocated responsible civic participation, and that means understanding the issues and candidates before you vote. Granted the process can be frustrating, with the choice between two candidates not being much of a choice at all, but if you are going to exercise your right to vote, don’t be ignorant about the facts – that’s not ninja-worthy and it won’t get you invited to the myninjaplease dojo (this doesn’t mean you have to follow the link in this post – sometimes it’s pretty obvious who doesn’t derserve your vote…)

These should make you want to go to the polls on the 7th – fools like ‘em needed to get voted out:

“Senator James Inhofe, R-OK, calls climate change a hoax, voted against stem cell research, and since the 2002 election has taken more than $500,000 in campaign contributions from the oil, gas and electric industries. He’s also the chair of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.”

“Rep. Joe Barton, R-TX, is a skeptic on global warming and sponsored the House version of the Clear Skies Act, which would actually increase the amount of pollution permitted, according to the Sierra Club. He’s also the chair of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce…This year he received more than $383,000 from oil, gas and electric companies.

Yeah – they are true – only in America…

More like stories like these at RawStory

Check out Project Vote Smart to get the low-down on your representatives and senators (unless you are like one of the ninjas here at MNP and lives in our nation’s capital and thus has no voting representation in congress – don’t you just love the irony?)

Hopefully your vote won’t get lost or changed by an electronic voting machine

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