“Yet Another Wingnut Sliming Of Hillary Proven To Be Bogus”

The Horse’s Mouth dissects the Right’s latest attempted smear campaign:

The Drudge headline links to  this audio of Hillary speaking yesterday. If you listen to it, the main thing you’ll hear is Hillary speaking in a southern drawl, saying phrases that sound like her own words:

“I don’t feel no ways tired..I come too far from where I started from…Nobody told me that the road would be easy…I don’t believe he brought me this far to leave me.”

As you can see, this clip makes it sound like Hillary is adopting not just this drawl, but this language and this down-home grammar, as her own. The righties have been waving this around to prove what a phony Hillary is. This audio was promoted by, among others, PowerlineBlog, Free Republic, Instapundit, and Fox News, which linked to it under the headline, “Will the real Hillary please speak up?”

But as always, a simple fact-check shows this latest wingnut preoccupation to be highly dishonest. The audio clip Drudge linked to cherry-picked that quote and removed it completely from its context, which would have shown that Hillary wasn’t adopting this accent or grammar or language as her own at all.

Rather, it turns out that Hillary was actually quoting the hymn lyrics of someone else — while clearly and very openly imitating (not very well, it turns out) the cadences she thought the lyrics would traditionally have been delivered in. There was nothing phony about it at all. Watch for yourself:

[TalkingPointsMemo/Horse’sMouth] (with audio, video, and transcript)

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