Wiretapping Program now under Court Supervision

Remember how the Bush administration said they couldn’t use the FISA court for their “Terrorist Surveillance Program” because it was slow and inefficient? That it hampered terrorism investigations? All this despite the fact that through the end of 2004, 18,761 warrants were granted, while just five were rejected. Fewer than 200 requests had to be modified before being accepted, almost all of them in 2003 and 2004. The four known rejected requests were all from 2003, and all four were partially granted after being resubmitted for reconsideration by the government.

Well, apparently they’ve come around. The White House has announced that the FISA court is now overseeing the domestic surveillance program that has been the subject of such criticism. Sudden reinterpretation of the fourth amendment? Fear of Congressional hearings now that the Dems have the power of the subpoena?

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