The Greenest Monster

All you baseball loving ninjas out there, Red Sox fans in particular, this is for you.


The Red Sox have a new five-year initiative to help Boston’s beloved Fenway Park go green. With plans on the drawing board for solar panels, a new recycling program, and locally grown produce at the concession stand, the Sox are heating it up.


Recycling. Solar panels. What is it that has suddenly inspired the Red Sox to go as green as their famous short left-field wall known as the Green Monster? Hey, this is sports. So think competition. And while the American League’s Red Sox and Cleveland Indians may have tied this year for the best win-loss record in baseball, it turns out that the Indians beat out the Sox on going green by already putting in more than 8,000 watts of solar panels at Jacobs Field.


And what’s more, the National League is ahead of both American League teams, with the Colorado Rockies lighting up their scoreboard with 10,000 of solar and the San Francisco Giants becoming giants in major league solar with a whopping 120,000 watts. But the Red Sox organization is famous for coming from behind. Down three games to none in the 2004 pennant race against the Yankees they went on to win the World Series. They say, when it comes to going green, ‘bring it on.’

Photos courtesy of yours truly, because that’s right my ninjas, I was there.

[living on earth]

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