No More Fearing for Your Life (On Your Bike in the Bean)

After nearly getting sideswiped by a school bus the other day on my ride home from work, this is very exciting news:


(AP) BOSTON Bicyclists often rank Boston as one of the toughest, unfriendliest places to ride.

Now, Mayor Tom Menino wants to make the city a cycling mecca.

Menino told The Boston Globe that during the next several years he plans to create a new network of bike lanes, put 250 new bike racks in place and post an online map system.

He’s also going to hire a “bike czar,” former Olympic cyclist Nicole Freedman.

Freedman says Boston could be one of the best bike cities in the country because it’s compact, flat, and has a young population and lots of tourists.

Menino’s bike push comes with his own recent conversion to biking enthusiast.

No money has been budgeted for the improvements so far, but officials will hold a summit of bike experts and enthusiasts next month to get ideas.

We’ll see if Menino makes good on his word. Here he is on his ‘daily predawn bike ride’ in Hyde Park (right near my hood). He is endearingly goofy:


(thanks biz!)


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