Turns out you can run a car on water – well, with boron too

Hydrogen fuel cells are great and all, but where are we getting the hydrogen from (right now its made from coal and natural gas – not exactly a clean energy source) and how are we transporting and storing it (that ish is flammable – i.e. the Hindenburg)? Well, why not forget about all that, and just create a way to produce hydrogen from water on the fly, right in your car, and with no tank full of compressed H2 gas?

Scientists in Israel think they have figured out a way to do just that. The idea is to use two separate storage containers, one for water, and one for boron – mix them in a controlled fashion, and voila, hydrogen for the engine.
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[Ed: myninjaplease reported a similar idea a little while back – getting hydrogen from water using aluminum and sodium hydroxide]

3 thoughts on “Turns out you can run a car on water – well, with boron too

  1. Why use the battery in your vehicle to break water molecules to produce hydrogen and oxygen on demand and then feed the mixture directly into the engine? I am testing commercial and home-made Brown’s gas generators to see how much fuel I can save. Initial test shows that I can save about 28% diesel for my 2006 Dodge Sprinter cargo van. More tests undergoing – check and bookmark my website for more info and future updates.

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