Proposal to make Highway’s more Green!!


Sometimes it takes a student to teach the sensei. A design competition for students has produced various ways to capture wind power by retrofitting highways and roadways with wind turbines. The simple [and brilliant] design captures the normally lost kinetic energy of vehicular traffic as it cruises along the PCH or GSP going 55-85mph.


I’m sure it will be a few years before we see such infrastructure actually implemented – but its about time designers start to think outside the box when it comes to creating ‘green’ technologies. We need to generate more great ideas like this: where energy is created through a simple and aesthetically pleasing device that that can be fitted within existing structures – like these jersey barrier turbines [shown below], which we covered here and here on MNP.

[original article appeared on architecture.mnp - and was written by Arco]

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Brent founded the Hyphae Design Laboratory in February 2008; “the lab” is a consulting and design firm dedicated to bridging the gap between architecture and biological sciences. Brent is also an active member of greenmeme, an artistic design firm based in Los Angeles and The Chlorophyll Collective, an environmental education group based in Oakland, California. From 2005-2008, Brent served as the design director at Rana Creek, an ecological restoration and design firm based in Carmel Valley, California. Brent’s work included the design of large-scale living roofs, ecological landscapes, rainwater catchment systems, living walls, greywater systems and constructed wetlands. Hit me up if interested about the world before that.

4 thoughts on “Proposal to make Highway’s more Green!!

  1. Though this is a great idea, I believe I have an idea that I believe could generate far more energy than this, and it would not depend on the speed of the vehicle, and would be much simpler and barely discernable also.

    I am not an engineer, nor do I have credential of any sort, but the technical folks I’ve shared this with believe its a good idea but I just don’t know where to go with it without losing any proprietary rights.

    Perhaps this might be something of interest to you?!!


    Clarence Settle

  2. i am so neck deepfor an idea for science fair and its coming up and me ande my buddy are woundering how green is highways and how they are made we been shearching cuz we may fail science this year if we don t get a idea plus us and are familys drive on highways so we figerd it could be great idea to lear about but theres only so much we can do at the age of 14
    we think high ways should be more green to are atmasfir(up above) i cant speel
    singin of sincerly, jessie and dallas

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