What is GRUB?
1. grub is healthy, local, sustainable food for all
2. grub is food that supports community, justice, and sustainability
3. grub should be universal


Eco-chef, ‘food justice activist’ extraordinaire and co-author of Grub, Bryant Terry, has a new book in the works: Organic Soul.

While there are conventional cookbooks that present low-calorie, no-fat, salt-free, versions of soul food dishes, most of them still suggest unhealthy ingredients such as denatured white sugar, acrid table salt, genetically modified fats, refined grains, processed flours, and sometimes canned food items. Rather than counting calories, sacrificing flavor enhancing ingredients like salt and “good” fat, and recommending unhealthy industrial ingredients, Organic Soul will be the first book to offer modern healthy recipes inspired by traditional soul food dishes and to suggest best-quality, health-supportive ingredients and healthful cooking techniques that will actually enhance the flavor of soul food.

A few words on Grub, if you haven’t heard already:

Combining a straight-to-the-point exposé about organic foods (organic doesn’t mean fresh, natural, or independently produced) and the how-to’s of creating an affordable, easy-to-use organic kitchen, Grub brings organics home to urban dwellers. It gives the reader compelling arguments for buying organic food, revealing the pesticide industry’s influence on government regulation and the extent of its pollution in our waterways and bodies. With an inviting recipe section, Grub also offers the millions of people who buy organics fresh ideas and easy ways to cook with them. Grub’s recipes, twenty-four meals oriented around the seasons, appeal to eighteen-to forty-year-olds who are looking for fun and simple meals. In addition, the book features resource lists (including music playlists to cook by), unusual and illuminating graphics, and every variety of do-it yourself tip sheets, charts, and checklists.

Check Terry out on his blog Organic Soul and newly launched Black & Green, a collaborative green blog with Adrienne Maree Brown, Omar Freilla, Latham Thomas and Pandora Thomas. All ninjas.


I am still dying for that roasted red pepper cajun spice open face frittata sandwich

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