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KEO Satellite

KEO is a satellite that is designed to take messages from humanity and preserve them in orbit for the next 500 generations. They named it KEO because the sounds for "k," "e," and "o" are common to most earthly languages. Apparently, 50,000 years from now it will come crashing back down to earth to reveal all the mysteries of our current time. Like, what Britney was really thinking or what percentage of the population Tiger was sleeping with instead of his wife. In 50,000 years if you did a statistical study of my own mailbox it would probably still be mostly MoveOn e-mails. Uh, anyway.

Here’s the deal:

Every person living on Earth, small, weak, powerful or rich is provided with 4 pages of liberty and equality to pen down his message destined for his faraway great grandchildren.
All the messages received, without undergoing any censorship, will be embarked aboard KEO.

You can use this here to write your very own message, even though I believe the thing has already left. This is a very grandiose idea, signaling a vast departure from our general human plans of mass destruction followed by a ninja-led mass exodus- but I hope it pans out. Here’s more from the creators:

KEO will leave from planet Earth in 2007/2008. Once in orbit, KEO’S wings will take life, fluttering in rhythm to its passage under the Earth’s shadow and the sun’s ray, similar to that of a beautiful migratory bird gliding across the horizon.

KEO will then pursue its 50,000 year journey around the Earth, guarded from the hostile environment in space by several protective shields.

At the dawn of its return to Earth, KEO will create an artificial Aurora Borealis whose luminosity and glow will light up the sky, announcing its grand arrival home.

Wow, that sounds terrifying.

So, you might be a little bit late, but the site is still up and ostensibly accepting messages.I admittedly learned about this while watching some show on the History channel while drifting off to sleep.

-Visit the (poorly designed) Keo homepage-


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Posted: January 27th, 2010
at 9:19am by Black Ock

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