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Notable Art Gaffes

After a woman put her elbow through a priceless Picasso at the Met, The Globe & Mail has a list of other notable art-world gaffes. Below is an excerpt:

The James Ossuary, which some believe once contained the remains of Jesus’s brother, arrived at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto from Tel Aviv in the fall of 2002. Although reportedly worth $2-million (U.S.), the limestone container had developed at least five cracks in transit, the result of having been flown to Canada in a cardboard box filled with bubble wrap.

Marc Quinn calls it an ‘urban myth,’ but others insist that it’s true. Reportedly a self-portrait bust that Quinn made from nine frozen pints of his own blood melted in the freezer of legendary London art collector Charles Saatchi after decorators working on his kitchen pulled the plug. Quinn’s blood busts currently sell for $1-million (U.S.) each and it reportedly takes him at least one year to accumulate the necessary blood. Read More.


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Posted: January 27th, 2010
at 1:05pm by Black Ock

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