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Wu-Tang Cover Art Design Remix


Designer Logan Walters is redesigning the covers for 21 Wu-Tang albums - inspired by a book of Blue Note Record covers. Self-described as having OCD that ‘manifests itself in weird ways’, Walters ‘needs’ to have album art for all his iTunes music - and would prefer it was ‘good’.


The problem was that almost all of the Wu-Tang album art was horrible (ODB’s two albums being the only real exceptions) — no offense to the original designers, but as iconic as they might be they’re looking pretty dated these days.

So far he’s redesigned 10 covers out of the 21 Wu-fam albums he has - each of which is available on flickr for download, with more to come.




.:images via -> Logan Walters


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Posted: August 12th, 2009
at 4:35am by orangemenace

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