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Japan’s Stereo (Post-Rock)

Why does Japan’s rock scene seem to be overflowing with post-rock bands? Do they think that the genre’s inclination to forgo vocals will endear them to a more global audience? Do its heart-rending crescendos and diminishes appeal to something in the typical overworked, emotionless Japanese psyche?

These are just vague musings, don’t pay them any mind. Whatever the reason, post-rock bands are abundant. Here are the best.


The sort of band that you don’t listen to every week. You can’t; the human body’s not built to withstand that sort of emotional pressure. The appropriate interval between experiences of their desolate silences and engulfing barrages of noise is perhaps around a year - but like Christmas, it can be an event that your entire world seems to revolve around.

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After beginning with intricate yet atmospheric math-rock, they experimented in two directions by writing both catchier songs and blurrier ones. Their latest venture - the sudden, surprising introduction of synths - has yet to reveal itself as a either a hideous mistake, or a progression that leads to their more unique and interesting music yet.

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Their recent, unfortunate tendency to swoop into overly grandiose, rising-into-the-sunset melodrama - along with their often one-dimensional vocalist - can’t erase the fact that thet have created some of the most powerful, moving hardcore ever commited to tape.

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Dynamics instrumental ability, guitars that both twinkle and rasp: Their musical arsenal is shared by any post-rock act you’d care to mention, but Te wield their weapons with a sheer force of will that is awesome to behold. It feels like the songs are jumping from the speakers and literally forcing themselves into your ears.

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Toe don’t use the same vast dynamic gulf between quiet and loud that many post-rock bands do. It’s a fact that males their emotional impact harder to find - but there’s no mistaking its existence when you do. One of the most subtle and wonderfully textured bands in the genre.

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Music made for walking through the city at night. The guitars and vocals are the wispy, drifting mist; the bass and drums are the looming buildings. Eerie like nothing else.

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Posted: January 6th, 2011
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