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Web Submissions: Fabio Novembre

Le sigh… these things are always so damn complicated.

The following is from a web submission we received from Studio Fabio.  Artist (?) Fabio Novembre is (apparently) doing an exhibition dedicated to Steve McCurry.  Why someone would do such is a mystery, since it ain’t like dude is dead.  Anyway:

I have the pleasure to send you the material about the latest project by Fabio Novembre: the solo exhibition dedicated to Steve McCurry at the MACRO Museum opened the 3rd December and lasts until the 29th of April 2012.

On the occasion of the celebration of the great reporter famous worldwide for the portrait of the Afghan Girl, Fabio Novembre creates an exhibition setting inspired by the nomads’ village with structures that merge with the aim to restore that sense of solidarity that you can breathe in McCurry’s photos.

The exhibition setting project comes along with the curatorship activity that Fabio carried on according not to a criteria of space-time but of similarity of subject matter and emotions, seeking out the common threads and unimaginable ties that link people and places, even of different latitudes.

Ok, to be fair, unlike last time, this guy actually has a better-than-terrible webpage.  They ALSO included some pretty detailed material in the packet they attached.

Upon further reading, I found out that the McCurry photos seem to be organized in terms of assonance and placed inside of structures meant to loosely mimic those of the nomadic people of Afghanistan that McCurry studied back in the 80’s.  Looks kinda cool, no snark. Check out the release/page, but exhibition runs til sometime in Feb 2012.



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Posted: December 19th, 2011
at 10:22am by Black Ock

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