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My Ninja, Please! 7.14.11: Flesh Eating Cocaine

Well, you guys might wanna think twice about nose-grinding them rails, as my man Gates would say. Sometimes it is better to just fire up the lung rockets. I mean… FLESH EATING COCAINE? Yikes! My Ninjas, PLEASE!

It’s no secret that cocaine can be dangerous, but drug dealers might be making it more harmful than ever. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration recently reported that 82 percent of the cocaine it seizes has been cut with a veterinary drug that can rot away the skin on users’ noses, cheeks, and ears. "It’s probably quite a big problem," says dermatologist Dr. Noah Craft with the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Insitute. "We just don’t know how big." Here, a brief guide:

How does levamisole end up in cocaine?

Drug dealers typically add fillers to cocaine to boost their profits. Cheaper cocaine may be upwards of 90 percent filler. Sometimes, the added powder is just baking soda or some other innocuous substance. But drug cartels in South America increasingly prefer to use levamisole, a veterinary antibiotic normally used to deworm cattle, sheep, and pigs. It’s not clear why dealers don’t just use baking soda all the time, although studies in rats suggest that levamisole might tingle brain receptors in the same way cocaine does. If that’s the case, adding it to the supply might be a way to enhance the effects of cocaine on the cheap. (continue reading @ The Week…)

This guy, on the other hand, will eat the flesh off of cocaine, so cocaine better watch out for HIM. But this article does explain a lot about that thing down there. Uh.. yeah.


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Posted: July 14th, 2011
at 8:34am by Black Ock

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