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Andy Merrit at The Blog Herald, wonders if this Webomatica post isn't wishful thinking; Webomatica suggests that reporters start blogging the news, instead of giving us yesterday's news today.

They're talking about the newspaper industry's declining readership and, in particular, these comments from Steven Rattner:

The time that Americans spend reading newspapers has been dropping steadily (now down to 15 hours a month), with scant evidence that quality Internet time is taking its place. In September, the average visitor to newspaper Web sites spent only 41.5 minutes per month on those sites, up 10% from the previous year but not nearly enough to make up the loss.

Rattner argues that Americans care less about the news today than before; particularly younger readers, who seem to get hung up on tabloid news. He suggests, though somewhat indirectly, that this supposed change in reading and viewing habits is forcing newspapers to think differently about what should be considered news.

I think that sentiment couldn't be further from the truth about what's going on in the minds of readers. We live in a time where information is fractured, not dumb.



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Posted: March 29th, 2007
at 10:35pm by Koookiecrumbles

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