Dona€™t Take Any Wooden Nickels

Slang from the 1920s.

- a Model T; after 1928, could mean any old broken down car
Flapper - A stylish, brash, hedonistic young woman with short skirts & shorter hair
Dapper - a Flappera€™s dad
Get a wiggle on - get a move on, get going
Giggle Water - An intoxicating beverage; alcohol
Hayburner - (1) a gas guzzling car (2) a horse one loses money on
Heebie-Jeebies - The jitters
High-Hat - To snub
Hit on all sixes - to perform 100 per cent; as a€oehitting on all six cyclindersa€A

"Geez, look at the hayburner on that straight flapper."
-"Yeah son, hittin’ on all sixes, nahmean.AA I’d even get a wiggle on with her daddy inAAa flivver!"
"What? You must be on that giggle water my ninja, ya givin me the heebie-jeebies with that old high-hat nonsense you spittin."
-"Ay man, I’m just tryna stay dapper."

Um… I get the feeling I’m using the slang wrong.

from sumfight

[Edit: can anyone besides me feel art day comin?]


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Posted: October 12th, 2006
at 2:55pm by Koookiecrumbles

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