Turducken anyone???

Has anyone seen this Ninja??? Has anyone seen this Ninja???

I just thought I would post an article shedding some light on a curse that is taking ninjas out left and right in the NFL. You know what I’m talkin bout the, "Madden Curse" which can single handedly destroy a season (Michael Vick), a career (where the f*ck is Eddie George he should be right up there with where is Chris Tucker), or your common sense (why retire Barry Sanders). Makes me wonder if we should start petioning players we hate to be on subsequent covers, or just agree to have an alternating yearly cover rotation of Terrell Owens, and Drew Bledsoe (no I dont want him injured, I just hope that putting him on the cover will maybe reverse his ineptitude).

[thanks to XCeleron for the commentary, my ninja]


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Posted: October 12th, 2006
at 11:02am by Xceleron

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  1. Don’t forget Daunte Culpepper, who also got injured and now plays 3rd string QB for the Dolphins. And Shaun Alexander, who is currently out of the game with a fractured foot suffered in the Seahaws season opener against the Detroit Lions.

    Bad mojo all around.


    12 Oct 06 at 12:36 pm


  2. Yeah you left out Mr. Culpepper, he’s a hot mess.

    black octagons

    12 Oct 06 at 2:37 pm



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