Design It Yourself!

Did you always want to be an architect/designer? Did the thought of never sleeping and perpetually smelling of coffee, cigarettes and B.O. make you go to business school instead? Well, try your luck with the [not so new anymore] download of SketchUp, a simple 3D modeling program recently bought and made free-to-all by Google. Now you can build your own buildings, and you won’t have to pay a professional [we accept donations tho]. Not only that, SketchUp is the program used to make the models in Google Earth, allowing you to actually insert your designs into the 3D environment found there, and view hundreds of others made by ninjas just like you. If you really get into it, check out Graphisoft’s free student version of ArchiCAD as well [not a student? then maybe you can afford to hire someone, like me maybe, after all].

The program may also be helpful to any movie making ninjas [like our friends over at Terrace St.], as it has features for story boarding and camera/set layouts and such. Remember how Goodnight and Good Luck won a set design Oscar? Yep, SketchUp at work.


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Posted: October 11th, 2006
at 3:11pm by orangemenace

Categories: computers,web,film,architecture,design

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  1. an intro to sketchup, podcast, quicktime movie, etc at


    13 Dec 06 at 11:28 am


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