A Dozen: Patrick Mimran

Thanks to Patrick Mimran for taking part in this interview. You can view more of his work here. Quite and to the point for this one.


What is your mission as an artist?

I have no mission , I am not a missionary , I am not here to convert or to convince anyone, I just try to express myself the best I can that’s enough for me.

What mediums do you prefer to work with?

Depends the mood and what I want to express , I always try to choose what I think is the most suitable media for what i wish to create.

Where did you gain the most experience?

I have no idea it is not for me to judge.


Normally, how do you conceive a new idea?

It comes by itself as a flash, the most often the morning when I wake up.

Would you define your work as being popular art or ‘niche’ art?

I do not know but if I had the choice I would prefer popularity to elitism for the simple reason that I believe recognition is more genuine and for sure more spontaneous and sincere when it comes from the masses versus the elite.


Which works have proven to be the most challenging for you?

Every work of art is very challenging, but it is for sure more challenging and difficult to paint a canvas or compose a symphony than conceiving a new billboard or a monochromatic canvas.

What are trying to accomplish with your Billboard art?

The idea behind the billboards was mainly to say what I think about art and the art world, expressing loudly what many other people think without daring to say it.

Have you had any problems with the law/police in displaying your pieces?

No never, none of my billboards are insulting anyone, they are just expressing a point of view.


What scales do you feel most comfortable working with?

Medium ones.

Who would you like to see your art?


Are you open to collaboration?

Sometimes depends with who, I collaborated with many other artists especially in music.

What do you want to work on in the future?

At the moment I work on oil paintings and music.

::images courtesy of Patrick Mimran::


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